Tournament Rules and Regulations:

The South Carolina High School League rules pertaining to soccer will govern play in this tournament, with the following exceptions:

  • All bracket matches will be 70 minutes in duration (35 minutes per half).  Halftime will be 10 minutes.

  • All teams will be allowed to warm up on alternate fields within the complex and will report to assigned match field 10 minutes prior to match kick-off time. 

  • All bracket matches, if tied at the end of regulation, will continue as follows:

    • All Round 1, 2 and 3 matches will be scored as a tie.

    • Championship matches; an overtime of two five-minute periods will be played.  A coin toss will determine assignment of defended goals.  If the overtime extends to the second five minutes, the teams will switch goals.  Winner will be determined in overtime by sudden death or “golden goal”.

    • If teams remain tied in championship match after overtime periods, the match will proceed to penalty kicks using SCHSL rules to determine a winner

  • Home teams will wear white or light uniforms and visiting teams will wear dark uniforms.

  • Division bracket winners will be determined by total points earned during round robin play.  Point system is as follows:

6 points for a win

3 points for a tie

1 point for every goal (up to 3 max)

1 point for a shutout

10 points max per match

-1 point for two-yellow card ejection

-2 points for red card ejection

If teams are still tied after the above point assignment, then the following (in order) will determine the winner; goal differential (+/- max 3 goals per game), goals allowed (no limit per game), coin flip.

  • Declaring a champion in the event of severe weather (or other necessary) cancellations:

    • If two or less rounds have been completed, but championship match can be played, the first place team determined by point system, from each bracket, will advance to the championship match.

    • If round robin play has been completed, and the championship round has been canceled, the champion will be determined by point system.  The team with the highest points among all eight teams in their division will be declared the division champion.  Second place will also be declared.

  • The Executive Committee reserves the right to make final decisions on any obscure event that would cause a change in schedule, cancellations or winner determination to preserve the safety of the players.